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Shorewalkers: Members Only Group

New York, NY

Shorewalkers: Members Only Group

This group is open to active members of Shorewalkers, a non-profit group leading walks throughout the NYC area. Our volunteer hike leaders offer walks every weekend of the year and our signature event, a 32 mile hike around Manhattan called the Great Saunter, takes place on the first Saturday in May. To join this group, first register as a paid member at

Come join us for a walk and experience NYC at 3 mph!

Your participation in any of our activities is your acknowledgment that you are solely responsible for your own assessment of your abilities and your physical fitness to participate in that activity.   Participants in any Shorewalkers activity are encouraged to discuss with the hike leader any limitation they may have that  could affect their ability to fully participate in an event,  especially on hikes outside city limits such as those on hiking trails.  The hike leader may refuse to take anyone who lacks proper equipment as indicated in the hike description.  Walkers must be physically fit and by joining any event you agree to waive all rights and claims for damages against Shorewalkers, it’s officers, directors, hike leaders, employees, event personnel or volunteers. 

Shorewalkers does not tolerate inappropriate behavior during its events. If you are subject to or witness any inappropriate behavior during a Shorewalker event, please contact the Shorewalker Meetup Organizers directly and report the behavior. Shorewalkers will investigate any reports of inappropriate behavior and take necessary action.

We encourage and appreciate the posting of photos taken during a Shorewalkers event and we reserve the right to use the photos in any manner and for any reason, except for commercial purposes, without remuneration or credit.

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Dashing Whippets Running Team

New York, NY

Dashing Whippets Running Team

The Dashing Whippets Running Team is a New York based running team that is founded on, and driven by, the diversity of our team members. With team members from all over the city, the country and the world, and with greatly different running goals, we find unity in recognizing and appreciating each others differences and our mutual enjoyment of running and participating in the New York running community and beyond.

Our goal is to help each other become the best runners that we can and to fulfill our potential as athletes - whether that is to run your first race, run a PR, a marathon, an ultra marathon or an Ironman - our team spirit, expert coaches and training plans will help you achieve and exceed your goals. As a team, we aspire to be a net contributor to the running community by hosting multiple training sessions per week for runners of all abilities and pace, maintaining a low annual membership fee that ensures we are open to all, cheering at races and giving back to the community through volunteering and fundraising for local nonprofit organizations.

The Dashing Whippets Running Team is a 501(c)(3) non-profit running organization operating under the Road Runners Club of America (RRCA). In 2012, the team received the Outstanding Club Website Award from RRCA and received New York Road Runners Annual Team Spirit Award.

Read about us in the Fall 2010 issue of NYRR Runner's Magazine and watch an interview with Elizabeth on Gotta Run With Will.

We charge $30 in annual dues, but new members may try out the team for 90-days (more info).

If you're on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Garmin, you can follow us here:
FB Group:
FB Page:

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Brooklyn Speculative Fiction Writers

Brooklyn, NY

Brooklyn Speculative Fiction Writers

We are a speculative fiction writers group based in Brooklyn. Together, we help one another hone our craft to a more professional level. This group is open to serious writers of fantasy, science fiction, urban fantasy, new weird, horror, slipstream, steampunk...anyone writing under the vast umbrella of near-realities and un-realities we enjoy reading so much.

Critiquing one another's work takes center stage, always focused on constructive criticism that will support each of us as we work to become better writers.

Before attending one of our meetings, please read our BSFW Policies and Procedures at You'll find out how we critique, how to submit, and how to format your work. We also recommend new members attend at least one meeting before submitting work, just so you know if we're the right fit for you.

Check us out on Facebook @ BSFWriters, follow us on Twitter at, and visit our website at Special members-only content is there under Join BSFW!/BSFW Members Page. Password: GetPublished! We also have a Pinterest page and our own group on Goodreads.

Our story podcast, the Kaleidocast, presents BSFW member stories alongside established writers of spec-fic. Check it out here! Then subscribe on the podcast feed of your choice.

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The Art of Wealth Creation

New York, NY

The Art of Wealth Creation

Hello and welcome successeful souls! This group is about you creating the business you trully want. I'm not talking about just doing well but actually THRIVING. It's been a VERY challenging year. Christmas is just around the corner and then we head into 2022. But I don't believe in waiting until next year to achieve success. The time is NOW. You may not know yet, I love finding out about new ways to create wealth and income. After all, the more income streams you have the better your life gets. Money stress evaporates away. That's why I want to introduce you to something you might have heard about, but not looked into. We'll be running webinars and courses where we will reveal: \- Why It's critical for you to take action to change your life now\, rather than sitting back waiting for things to get better \- The strategy for turning your asset into an absolute goldmine \- The easy way to develop your business idea \- How to leverage\-up the performance\, profitability and pre\-eminence in your business \- Proven ways to grow a business \- in any niche and industry \- How to turn yourself into an idea generator and recognized innovator within your industry or market \- How you can be in control of your financial future \- And much\, much more\! There's never been a better time to start your online business and build your own empire. This group is for you if you are: \- a business owner\, entrepreneur\, author\, an investor\, a network marketer\, or coach wanting to leverage and grow \- looking for an additional income stream in 2022 \- new to the internet and struggling generate sales online \- have tried everything else and would like to finaly start making money and retire \- If you want to replace rat\-race life with laptop life This group is only for you if you are ready to generate more income than most people earn in a year and to do it from the comfort of your own home. We will teach you the process and walk you through a step-by-step system that you're going to need to have ANY chance of success online in 2022. This is a business and a lifestyle transformation for the rest of your life. The time is right for you to be doing this. Arm yourself with the skills we'll be giving you. And the sky is the limit. I can't wait to see you on our trainings! Metka

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Long Island, NY - Live and Thrive!

Long Island City, NY

Long Island, NY - Live and Thrive!

**"Don't just survive… Live and Thrive!”**  **I use this slogan to motivate myself but my deeper desire is to help others *Live and Thrive* regardless of what’s happening in their lives.** **My business, [Live and Thrive](, was created in 2003 and is centered around being active with others through outdoor recreation. The combination of connecting with others in an outdoor environment has long lasting results. Some online classes or meetings are also offered indoors through Zoom.** **Whether you love walking, hiking, kayaking, bike riding, stand up paddling, gardening, bike riding, or anything else, we’ll help you discover new outdoor adventure friends through our meetup groups.** **There is always strength and safety in numbers. As you accumulate more outdoor adventure friends it becomes much easier to achieve your goals.**  **Being active outdoors while being supported and surrounded by so many kind, caring, friendly, respectful, and encouraging people of all ages is the BEST! That's what you'll find in our group.** **Without that constant support, it can feel like a long, lonely, difficult, uphill battle which most of us can relate to in one way or another.** **PEOPLE are what I’m passionate about! I love doing things with people, supporting people, and helping people.** **I’ve been on the receiving end. Many kind people have been there for me throughout my life when I needed help the most.** **I am “people rich” and have many connections, ideas and resources that I’m eager to share with you!** **Connecting with people who have different backgrounds, cultures, talents and abilities is an awesome thing.** **Creating and organizing events, meetings, adventure trips, classes, outings and get togethers that bring my members together, online or in person, is what I love to do and have been doing for 20 years!** **I extend a warm welcome to you and thank you for joining us!**

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Bright and Beautiful Ladies in NY (30’s to 50's)

New York, NY

Bright and Beautiful Ladies in NY (30’s to 50's)

Ladies! We are adventurous, imaginative, enthusiastic women in their 30’s to 50's who are insatiably curious about the people and places that make up NY. If you are open-minded, inclusive and ready to make new friends, you just found your tribe!

Together, we’ll deep-dive into arts, music, dance, comedy, history, architecture, variety arts, craft fairs, antique districts, flea markets, local festivals, and all manner of culture and counterculture. Of course, we’ll find fun and fabulous places to eat and drink along our way. We want our activities to be as varied as our membership.

So come join us! There’s a world of new friends here that can’t wait to meet you!

A few comments:

And your ideas are always welcome! YOU can be an event organizer! We're always happy to help you make your event sparkle!

Some events will be free. But for others, we may ask for a small fee to cover Meetup expenses. Some events may have limits on the number of people the venue will allow. But we’ll always try to have a waitlist.

A few rules to remember:

For the safety of all our members, we require a clear profile photo.

If you RSVP and then don’t cancel more than 24 hours before at 2 events, we’ll have to show you out of the group for 2 months. But that won’t happen because you’ll update your RSVPs and cancel with at least 24 hours notice! Right?

And if you RSVP and we never see you that’s a NO SHOW. 2 no-shows and we will remove you from the group for 6 months.

No-shows and Last-minute cancellations put our ability to book terrific venues at risk! Your event organizers and sister members will appreciate your courtesy especially when there's a wait list.

Be kind and welcoming to everyone you meet here. We ask that you never contact group members you haven’t met in person. Don’t send group emails for any reason. Be respectful in the comments.

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Financial Freedom 4 You - LIVE (MONEY FOCUS)

New York, NY

Financial Freedom 4 You - LIVE (MONEY FOCUS)

Urbanhood is a not for profit learning platform from Urban Food Alliance (UFA), 501c non-profit organization serving food to the needy. Urbanhood helping people learn about financials and helping our members making extra money through Money Focused Education. We enable our members an opportunity to meet, network, collaborate, and ask them about Investment, Stock Trading, Cryptocurrency and Real-estate investment. We also share daily stock tips and teach financial literacy. Urbanhood is a life-long learning community. Join us today and be a part of our free live and recorded sessions. Get In Touch us <a>212 608 6112</a> x 0 (Customer Service) or visit us at and see ya


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Tastes of the World NYC

New York, NY

Tastes of the World NYC

***TASTE  the flavors from around the world.  DISCOVER a world of flavors one delicious Nation at a time. All without ever stepping on a plane.*** New York City is home to a myriad of ethnicities that showcase their rich cultures through their cuisines. What better way to explore this rich ethnic heritage of New York City than to sample cuisines from all around the world right in our own backyards without ever having to buy a plane ticket. Come join us we set out on a culinary journey across the 5 boroughs of NYC to locate and sample all the authentic ethnic cuisines and discover some new tastes as well as re-visit some old favorites. No foodie experience required. All you need is a Metrocard, an open mind and a willingness to try new cuisines, and most importantly an empty stomach to come join us as we take that subway ride across the 5 boroughs where many delicious ethnic dishes await. You will be glad you did, and your tummy will thank you for it. All our events will be held throughout the 5 boroughs of NYC, with main focus on the mom-and-pop restaurants located in the outer boroughs of Queens, Brooklyn, The Bronx and Staten Island, all reachable on MTA subway and/or buses, or even Metro-North. OUR MEETUPS: Good food is meant to be shared. At each Meetup, we will dine FAMILY-STYLE, NO EXCEPTIONS! Final food bill, together with tax and tips will be shared evenly. Any drinks are separate and are the responsibility of the drinkers. Number of attendees to our events will be kept at a small number (no more than 10 to 12) to allow everyone to get to know each other. MEETUP FEE: To help defray the cost of paying Meetup HQ to keep the site up and running, a $1.00 Meetup fee will be collected at RANDOMLY selected events. \*\*NOTE: this group is not suitable for those with any kind of dietary restrictions\*\* Group founded: November 6, 2021

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Past Lives, Dreams, Soul Travel throughout New York

New York, NY

Past Lives, Dreams, Soul Travel throughout New York

Open to all those looking to find more wisdom, love, inner peace and spiritual freedom in their lives, through better understanding of dreams, past lives and the personal way the universe speaks to us daily. Move naturally and easily into higher areas of awareness and help life flow in a smoother and happier direction. One form of personal meditation we explore is known as a "Spiritual Exercise". This form of simple meditation, using your creative imagination, strengthens your inner guidance and helps you recognize your true identity as Soul, an eternal and divine spark of God.

Nothing needs to be taken on faith. Experience it yourself.

Have you had one of the following spiritual experiences? Come and share; learn more about connecting to direct guidance and achieving personal growth.

* Past-life recall or having a sense that you have lived before (in a meditation or dream)

* Dreams -- that opened awareness, expanded your consciousness, told of a future event, gave you an answer

* Out-of-body or near death experience * Seeing an inner light

* Hearing an inner sound

* Inner guidance (angel, spiritual master, departed loved one)

* Knowingness (intuition, coincidence, déjà vu)

* Unconditional love (from a family member, friend, pet, etc.)

* Sense of oneness, divine love

* Connection with all life -- greater awareness, feeling of inner peace

Creative techniques are discussed in these Meetups to further explore our inner worlds. Similar to meditation, yet more active, these contemplation techniques, such as singing the ancient love song to God, HU, (pronounced 'hue") helps with self improvement, brings self empowerment through greater inner understanding, opens consciousness, helps in understanding how karma is created, how to work through it, and gives guidance on how to achieve states of Self and God Realization.

HU, this ancient and sacred word for God, can be found in the Jewish Kabala, Christian Gregorian chant, Buddhism, the Sufi teachings, Chinese Taoism, as well as in the path of Eckankar. It is a universal word with a very high vibration. You are invited to try it anytime you would like, either out loud or silently to experience the effects for yourself. (

We warmly welcome you to join us in our events and discussions that take place in all 5 boroughs, Westchester and Rockland – a common meeting ground for all who have had or would like to have a life-changing spiritual experience.

Our group is sponsored by Eckankar. Experience the Light and Sound of God. This ancient spiritual teaching offers spiritual techniques and resources for an individual to discover truth for themselves.

To learn more about Eckankar, go to  You can find out about advanced study and the spiritual exercises of ECK.

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Genuine Friends 50-70+ Long Island Ladies Group

Garden City, NY

Genuine Friends 50-70+ Long Island Ladies Group

You must attend a new member meetup to join the group. Join our waiting list and we will invite you to the next one.

Please be vaccinated to protect us all. 

We plan a variety of fun events on LI and beyond - anything from eating to adventure. Do you remember when you were a kid and had friends you could always count on - a friendly face in a crowd of acquaintances? Well, that's what we are about. Genuine friendships with others whom you would love to have to your own home - a group of genuine friends.

Find people whom you are always happy to see - ones who share your interests and who won't cancel at the last minute or be a no show when they have something better to do. The age limits are just a suggestion - if you are a happy, active older person, this is for you too. Please be able to use a computer/android or iphone, and pay by Zelle.

Our events include brunches, book discussions, friendly chat, travel near and far, crafts, adventures, NYC, local theater, gardens, concerts, canasta, keeping fit, even star gazing or anything of interest to you and a few others. Most events take place in Nassau. This group is not suitable for those from mid to eastern Suffolk, Manhattan or Brooklyn.

Places will become available only as people leave the group or are inactive, or no shows at several events. I do remove inactive members on a regular basis to keep the group filled with only women interested in building real friendships. Please understand that not all membership requests are approved.

We do have admission standards. You are welcome to join if you are 50+, if you don't have a pattern of no shows with other groups, are free of drama, and if you can bring a smile to the our next meetup. If you are normal, sane, and secure, you'll get in! Please have a real, recognizable photo of your face when you join, and a valid email address. If you are a cat, puddle or flower, you won't get in. We want to be able to recognize you at an event, and greet you as a friend.

We do post pictures of group events on Meetup and Facebook, so when you join, you are agreeing to be photographed.

Join my other group:

Our annual dues are $20 per year collected annually (year ends on April 14), paid at your first meetup, or by Zelle. Renewals are $20, paid by April 14.

To maintain your membership, you must attend at least one event every two months.

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Five Borough Futbol Club (Pick-up Soccer Games)

New York, NY

Five Borough Futbol Club (Pick-up Soccer Games)

Quality, competitive pick-up games without the commitment of a weekly league.

This group is dedicated to elevating the beautiful game for the men and women of New York City. The level of play is intermediate and above, meaning that most of us played growing up and enjoy competing for bragging rights.

We believe in fair play, healthy competition, and inclusive community. We put on the best game in the city because we have the best people in the city.

Every player on the field has something positive to contribute to each game. We do not tolerate ego, unsafe play, negativity, and toxic behavior. Players with a negative impact on the game and on the community will be warned and then banned.

Bring a red shirt and a white shirt. Teams will be assigned before hand based on player skill level and may be adjusted during play to maintain balance. Balls will be provided. Absolutely no slide tackling or unsafe play. Turf shoes must be worn - no studs allowed. 48 hour cancellation notice for guaranteed refund.


I certify that I am 18 years of age or older and that I have no known medical or other conditions that could interfere with my participation in Five Borough Futbol Club Meetup activities. I also understand and accept that the practice of soccer, both indoor and outdoor, involves certain risks of physical injury.

Therefore I, individually, hereby release and discharge, Five Borough Futbol Club Meetup Organizers and Co-organizers from any and all claims, actions, damages, losses, liabilities, costs and expenses of any kind whatsoever, including but not limited to any claims of negligence, arising out of, resulting from, by reason of, or in connection with my participation in any of Five Borough Futbol Club Meetup programs or activities.

Five Borough Futbol Club Organizers and its Co-Organizers reserve the right to take and utilize photographs, video, or any type of recording of participating person while engaged in our or associated activities. I consent to Five Borough Futbol Club using the photograph, video, or recording of me, for advertising, promotional, or related purposes, and waive all rights to compensation and other rights which may arise as a result.

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