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NYC Short Film Club - Initial Shot List & Storyboarding - IN-PERSON

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NYC Short Film Club - Initial Shot List & Storyboarding - IN-PERSON


Hi NYC Film Club members! If interested, join us IN-PERSON on January 8th, Saturday to collaboratively create our Initial Shot List and Initial Storyboard for our Spring 2022 film shoot (see more info below).
No need to have any experience- this is a hobbyist/recreational group. All feedback and levels of experience are welcome. You can join this group at anytime during the pre-production process.

For more info on shot lists and story boarding, see some links:

We'll meet at the Whole Foods, upstairs at the communal table area.
(57th St, btwn 2nd and 3rd Ave) You must bring your vaccination card & ID in order to be able to use the communal table area upstairs.

See our Character Lookbook PDF here:

See our script, character analysis, and recorded meetings in the Google Drive here:

If I've left any detail out, or you have suggestions, or any guidance/previous experience with shot lists and storyboarding please shoot me a message or comment below. I'd love to hear more member's thoughts/ideas.

Lastly, join our Whatsapp group chat (shoot me a message and I'll send a link).

--------------------------See below for our club description---------------------------

The story:
A misguided and broke, wanna-be social media influencer new to NYC relies on dating app schemes and petty thievery to maintain her digital persona while struggling to address a strained relationship with her soon-to-wed sister. You can find our latest script in our google share drive link below:

Who we are:
A small group of amateur/ hobbyist filmmaking and screenwriting members who've been meeting since July to write an original short film and talk about no-budget filming ideas and logistics. This is a chill but fun and impassioned group of writers, filmmakers, and creatives. No experience necessary to join!

We meet up during the weekend for a couple of hours to work on an ongoing short film project. The purpose is to gain experience making an original short film for the love of visual storytelling, screenwriting, cinematography, design, and collaboration.

Typically our Filmmaking/ Production meetups take place on some Saturdays 3-5pm and Screenwriting meetups are every Sunday 7-9pm. However filming will be in-person, likely in or near Manhattan/ New Jersey. Production members must be available to meet in-person if involved in production. All filming locations will be accessible by public transportation.

This is a fun hobbyist group not to be taken too seriously but also with the sole purpose of learning the filmmaking craft from scratch through mutual collaboration. No egos please- All levels of expertise welcome!

At each weekend meetup we will jump straight into it- whether it be rewriting a scene, planning a shotlist, or filming onset. I will be present for all meetings to host and keep things moving, however each group or role is responsible for their piece of the pie, i.e. screenwriters must work together to write an original script, DPs must bring available camera/gear and know some cinematography, sound designers must bring available gear and know some sound mixing, costumers must figure out costuming logistics. We will take our project from pitching story ideas, to writing an original screenplay, then pre-production, filming, post-production, and finally to submitting our film to the festival of our choosing. This is a low/no-budget filmmaking group so it should cost next-to-nothing to make, just your free time! Join our group and check out our past meeting recaps to learn more!
COVID-19 safety measures
Masks required
COVID-19 vaccination required
Event will be indoors
You must bring your vaccination card & ID in order to be able to use the communal table area upstairs.
The event host is instituting the above safety measures for this event. Meetup is not responsible for ensuring, and will not independently verify, that these precautions are followed.
Whole Foods Market
226 E 57th St · New York, NY
How to find us

Message us in the Whatsapp group if you can't find us. Make sure to join the group ahead of the meetup.

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