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Craft with us remotely every Sunday morning!

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Angela G. and Noelle
Craft with us remotely every Sunday morning!


All crafters are happily welcome at our weekly virtual meetup!

If you’re a regular at our meetings, this is the event with the new Zoom link. If you’re new, we’re looking forward to meeting you. What took you so long?

Before the world turned upside down, we met weekly in a local coffee shop in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. Then we moved to virtual meetings to get us through until the world started opening again. Now we’ve realized that we’d be sad without all our friends from other places, so we’re going to keep the virtual meeting going.

Back in the day, we were all about knitting and crochet, but then one started chainmaille, another started cross-stitch, and one illustrious member crafted by reading the New York Times.

Throughout all our phases, meeting spaces, and crafts, the constant has been our easy-going, welcoming vibe. The group truly welcomes all sorts of humans who practice all sorts of art and/or engineering. We’re as happy to meet seasoned knitters as we are to meet embroiderers who are picking up a needle for the first time. We joyfully welcome people from the whole spectrum of humanity when it comes to gender, race, ethnicity, background, and any other way we artificially divide our species. We enjoy each other’s company, and we’re pretty sure we’ll enjoy yours. So join us to craft and chat. Stakes are low, so pop in and say hi if you’re not sure this is the right group for you. Hang out with us once and then make up your mind. There’s no fee, and you were going to get on the interwebs Sunday morning anyway.
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