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Digital Winter Hiking Class

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Digital Winter Hiking Class


Sign up for this adventure here as a rider, driver, or non-carpooler:

A RSPV on Meetup doesn’t get you on this event. You must book through Ridj-it using the link above.

If you are new to Ridj-it, you’ll be asked to create a profile, and once you have done that and the profile is approved, re-click the link above and sign-in with your new credentials. If you are a returning Ridj-it user, you’ll be asked to sign-in with your credentials. For both cases, after signing in, you’ll be able to book by clicking the “Let’s do it!” button at the bottom of the page. Follow the steps to book.

You’ll get an email from Ridj-it with a confirmation number plus a list of items that you purchased during booking- this will indicate that you have correctly booked for the event.We have a zero tolerance policy for those who fail to follow the above instructions. Not following these steps puts everyone at risk and undermines event management, and will lead to us banning you from this group and from affiliated groups and platforms

Join the Municipality of Waterville Valley for 1.5 hour digital class about how to stay outside safely this winter with fellow hikers. Essential gear and safety topics will be discussed, and taking the class will make you more confident in being outdoors during the winter.

How do I keep my water from freezing? How do I stay dry? When do I use snowshoes vs microspikes/crampons? All of these questions and more will be used to help you learn techniques about how to manage your heat and stay dry with the right gear. Appropriate boots, socks, gaiters, and layers will be pointed out during the heat management process, and then material covering traction will follow. If you're not sure if the gear you have is enough for winter hikes, bring it to the class!

Benefits of taking the course

1. Your chances of being accepted on winter hiking trips with others will be dramatically increased since you are on track to gain valuable knowledge from this class.

2. You will meet fellow hikers to set up winter trips based on your experience and needs.

3. You will able to address the doubts you've had about winter gear with the more experienced members of the community.

Joining the class

The link to this class will be emailed to everyone one to two hours beforehand. Please provide your full name when signing in since participants will be placed in a digital waiting room to confirm signup/identity. You may join this class without creating a full profile on Ridj-it.
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