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Web3 Blockchain Game Development with Unity3D and ChainSafe

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Web3 Blockchain Game Development with Unity3D and ChainSafe


Web3 Blockchain Game Development with Unity3D and ChainSafe

This is a 3 part Series Workshop: ChainSafe Gaming SDK
Presented by Kwame Bryan, ChainSafe Labs

Synopsis: In this two-part introduction to Web3 blockchain game development using Unity3D and the ChainSafe gaming SDK. You will learn how to create and mint NFT’s and use them as in-game items. The learner will also be introduced to Remix for smart contract creation and introduction to the ChainSafe gaming SDK.

Learning outcomes:
Download and install the ChainSafe gaming SDK
An introduction to the differences between centralized and decentralized games.
Create and mint NFT’s and have them displayed in Unity3D
Create a simple endless runner game using ERC721 and ECR1155 tokens
Create an endless runner game with mintable NFT’s
The future of Web3 gaming.

Next steps.
Week 1: In this session, developers will be introduced to the ChainSafe gaming SDK and will be introduced to player prefabs / configuring a default account and a brief introduction to Web3 Gaming.

Week 2: We will start developing our first blockchain game using the ChainSafe gaming SDK and write a custom minting contract and work with the contract address and ABI. We will also construct the meta-data for our NFT and have this reside on IPFS

Week 3:In this last session, we add the finishing touches to our blockchain game. Allowing for players to buy new skins from OpenSea and also describe further steps needed to design and develop more advanced blockchain games.

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