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Online Spanish-English Language Exchange - New Year's Resolution!

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Online Spanish-English Language Exchange - New Year's Resolution!


Please book only if you are 100% sure to join as your attendance is very important for this event's format.

Spanglish has created a unique and interactive format, which invites you to learn a language and make friends while you rich yourself with the Spanglish culture: sports, stories, music, books, films, life style, leisure activities, general culture etc... all ONLINE.

How does it work?
The event last two hours, participants take part in a series of 2-to-2 or 2-to-1 or 1-to-2 or 1-to-1 conversations (breakout rooms), which last around 28 mins: 14 mins in Spanish, then 14 mins in English before participants switch virtual table and meet a new Spanglisher. The idea is to meet at least 4 natives from the language you are learning. Spanglish suggest a topic each event but, you are free to talk about anything. This event's topic is new year's resolution.

What Spanglishers come to this event?
Professionals who mother tongue are Spanish or English (or at least C1 level), these are learning Spanish or English (at level A2 at least). If you are A1 level, please contact me, I can recommend qualified native teachers in English and Spanish.

Platform: Zoom
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Limited places

Preguntas, Questions o information? Drop me a What'sapp +447870776718
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Charge your phone in advance!
Give your full attention to the participants as you would if you were in the same room.
Check your internet connection before the meeting.
Make eye contact by looking into the camera.
Minimize background noise (you don't want your child, pet, or ringing phones to become the focus)
Online event
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